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The Mobile Clinic

Where Efficiency Meets Technology

Tattooemergency911 is the most innovative mobile laser tattoo removal delivery system in the nation. We have the first of it’s kind mobile laser tattoo removal clinic. We here at Tattoemergency911 have focused all of our energy into saving you time because we truly understand how valuable your time is. Please let us come to you and experience how we can make life a little easier for you. Instead of getting out of work and driving 30 minutes or more to an appointment and then getting back into your car and fighting traffic back home; Let us do the driving for you. Image the process of having a treatment during a break at work, maybe during your lunch time. We can come to your home at your convenience because anything we can do to make your life little easier is our goal.

Tattooemergency911 uses the latest technology in laser tattoo removal the Quanta-Q Plus C that has been retro fitted into a Custom Mobile Clinic. This clinic on wheels was designed with every comfort of a modern clinic; we just made it a lot easier to access, and make it more efficient for our customers. Tattooemergency911 is refining the way people think about modern laser aesthetics. Please call us so we can come out to you and experience our new and unique concept in laser tattoo removal.

Tattooemergency911 Laser Tattoo Removal is based in Denver servicing Park Hill, Stapleton, Northfield, Lowry, City Park, Cherry Creek, Glendale, Downtown, Baker, South Broadway, LoDo, West Denver, North Denver, or Art District,  Highlands neighborhoods.

Tattooemergency911 Laser Tattoo Removal will be expanding its territory out north to Brighton in Adams County and Greeley in Weld County as the demand increases two days a week. Please feel free to contact Tattooemergency911 to set an appointment in your area.


The Mobile Clinic
The Zimmer-Chiller
Quanta Q-Plus C